George Marsicano Corrêa

GeorgeCurrently teaching the course of Software Engineering at Brasilia's University. Master of Knowledge Management and Information Technology, Specialist Oriented System Object and graduated in Data Processing. Coach certified by the International School Coach - The Newfield Network, Santiago de Chile, Project Manager certified PMP and Scrum Master. Worked as a teacher in the course of Postgraduate Diploma in Software Engineering, Foundation Universa / Catholic University of Brasilia, and as a researcher / author has published articles in Brazil and abroad. Experience since 1999 in software engineering, having worked as developer, requirement analyst, business analyst, process analyst and project manager. Experience since 2002 on projects with use of processes based on RUP and Java technology. Already participated in the implementation of processes based on RUP, supported by the CMMI and / or MPS-Br. Since 2004, acts as Project Manager, using the methodology proposed by PMI. During this period, he worked in the Federal Government: SERPRO, MOP, MS, MDS, TJDFT, CONAB and MPS; and private companies: Photon Computer, Cast Informática, Politec and CTIS.


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