Maurício Vidotti Fernandes

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He is currently project manager at Fábrica de Software. Master in Information Management from the New Information Management school (NEW IMS). Specialist in Business Intelligence (BI) and Knowledge Management (NEW IMS) and Bachelor of statistical University of Brasilia (UNB). It has as its main areas of research Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Machine Learning.

Experience in Data Science since 2010 engaged with BI in federal savings bank (2010), Violes project (2011). Already working as a manager in the company Junior Stats Consulting (2011) as Project Director. From 2014 working in the middle of Start-Up with knowledge extraction projects in social networks such as Facebook data.

It works with the Python programming language and R. Also acting with the statistical software SAS (Base Stat, Macro, Minner) and SPSS.


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